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What our customers have to say...

Id like to thank Stuart for having done the most wonderful job of washing our house, driveway and paths. I cannot believe that the concrete driveway and the concrete paths came up so good as they have been here for a very very long time. We are so impressed by the total outcome of the job. We would definitely get Stuart back. I cannot believe our home looks so good. We couldn't stop looking at it. We recommend Stuart to anyone who is looking to have this done. Ray and Susie Penn, August 2013


We have been in our house for five years now and until very recently have not once had the deck or patio cleaned. Based on price and professionalism, we decided to get The Housewash Guy in. Once cleaned we were actually shocked at our dirty our patio and deck had been! We thought our deck was stained because of the brown colour. Turns out it was just years of dirt build up. After the clean up it now looks like timber right off the rack. We are very happy with the result, the price for the work, and will certainly be getting The Housewash Guy in again. Steve and Nichola Edgecombe, August 2013



 Hi Stuart,

I was very impressed with the way you cleaned the mentioned property. The owner had told me that the garage door was incorrectly cleaned and he could not fix this. Thank you so much for solving this problem, you did an awesome job and the property looks great now. Because presentation is important the job you've done will help us a lot with selling the property, and this quality clean up does improve the value of the property. Thanks so much for your help, and  I will definitely use your services in future.

Cheers Ben Louis. Director

RealityRealty Ltd